Nothing is softer, warmer or quieter than carpet.

The appeal of carpet is reflected in the wealth of fibers, weaves, textures, colors, designs and border accents.

Tollefson's Carpetland offers a balanced collection of the latest designer–name fashion trends, while offering a broad assortment of classic styles. Today’s carpet offers superior backings as well as the newest innovations that allow carpet to be used anywhere in the home. More moisture repellant and easier to maintain than ever, carpet offers a wide variety of textures, colors and styles.

On the surface many carpets look the same, but they are not. Investing in a higher grade carpet is a better value than a cheaper alternative that needs to be replaced quickly. You want your carpet to retain its appearance, withstand the demands of your busy household and is easy to maintain.

Advantages of Carpet

  • adds warmth
  • comes in a variety of color tones & hues
  • quieter than hard surface floors
  • can hide many sub-floor irregularities that would not be permitted with hard surface floors
  • can go over a variety of substrates and on all grade levels, including concrete slabs
  • economical & installation costs are less than some hard surface products

Carpet Styles


  • Curled up or twisted tufts that help mask footprints
  • Especially suitable for less formal decors


  • Type of textured carpet with highly twisted tufts that curl at the pile surface
  • Especially suitable for higher traffic areas


  • Loop pile with tufts of equal height or multi-level loops
  • Multi-level loops form beautiful patterns using solid colors
  • Broad application with durable wear in either construction

Cut Pile Berber

  • Casual cut pile construction using a combination of big tufts and small tufts
  • Usually contains small flecks of dark color on lighter shade background colors


  • Dense level cut pile
  • Yarn tufts are closely packed, presenting smooth, luxurious surface
  • Generally for formal settings

Cut & Loop

  • Yarns are tufted into patterns of high cut tufts and lower loop tufts
  • Suits more informal settings

Carpet Brands

  • Beaulieu
  • Dixie
  • Dreamweaver
  • Milliken
  • Mohawk
  • Phenix
  • Royalty
  • Shaw
  • Southwind
  • Stainmaster®
  • Stanton


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